9 Benefits of Living Alone

If you’re like most people, you don’t live alone for the first time until after college, or when you’ve become a well-established professional. Frequently, most folks go from living with parents and siblings to having a string of roommates in college or as they start their careers. Sharing spaces is often the only way to afford apartments or homes, especially in a high-cost area. 

Living alone, however, is excellent! While it’s a big leap from sharing space to having your own place, living solo is fantastic for freedom. In addition, it gives you complete control over what you do and how you manage your things. 

If you’re worried about living alone or unsure if you’re ready, there are several things to consider. A whole world of comfort and independence is waiting for you on the other side. Here are some of the most significant benefits of living alone!

woman enjoying her meal at home alone

1. Great for Introverts

Are you someone who needs quiet time to build back your energy stores? Some people, particularly extroverts, love living with people because there’s always someone to talk to, watch shows with, or share a meal with. However, introverts need downtime to recenter.

Living alone is amazing for people who thrive or need time by themselves. Not having roommates means you can roam around your house or apartment without worrying about small talk or offending a friend because you need some quiet time. 

If you’re an introvert, living alone is an excellent option because you can choose how and when you want to socialize with friends, colleagues, family, and other acquaintances. 

woman loves the space of her new house

2. You Have More Space!

Of course, living alone gives you much more space to use. Living with friends or randoms is fine. It saves you money and can get you into spaces you otherwise couldn’t afford in high-demand cities like L.A. or New York City. But you’re typically left with fewer options regarding how much stuff you have and where you can put it. 

Rather than squabbling over who gets the space in the kitchen cabinets or foyer, it’s all yours! You get to choose where your things go and how you want to manage your space. People who live alone are usually more organized and deal with less clutter. 

man works from home in peace

3. Work From Home Is Easier

If you’re lucky enough to have a job with some flexibility, working from home is much easier when you’re living solo. In the apartment by yourself, you can take conference calls, work on the dining room table, and will experience fewer disruptions. 

Lots of people pay out of pocket for a coworking space. So instead, upgrade to an apartment where you can live alone and work from home when you must. 

woman talking on the phone on her bed

4. No Random Roommates

It happens all the time; friends from college decide to move in together once school’s over. However, eventually, someone gets a new job out of state or transfers to a different city. Typically, that means finding a new roommate to split the rent and take over the existing lease. If you want to keep your apartment, you’ll need to find someone new to move in. 

A new roommate is always a gamble. The best background check or social media scan will only give a partial view of what they’re like and how living with them will go. Living with roommates you don’t know well or don’t get along with is never fun. Being alone, you never have to stress over whether your new roomie is normal or weird. 

woman doing chores in her house

5. There’s No Resentment Over Chores

Whether clean or messy, your place is the gateway to living life on your terms. There’s no one to yell at you over dirty dishes in the sink. On the same note, you’ll never feel angry about a roommate who leaves dirty clothes on the living room couch. Getting into fights or disagreements with roommates over simple things like chores can turn the whole place sour. 

In addition, you’ll never have to wrestle with chore charts or issues like whose turn it is to vacuum or mop the kitchen floor. It’s all on you, and a certain sense of freedom and responsibility comes with that. 

You get to decide how clean you want to be and keep your place as comfortable as you like it. 

woman drinking coffee peacefully at home

6. Living Alone Gives You a Blank Canvas

Do you love interior design? When you live alone, you get to make all the calls related to paint colors, room layouts, furniture, wall art, and everything else that goes into making a house a home. 

When you have your own space, you’re more likely to invest time and resources into making it yours. People living alone typically spend more money on higher-quality furniture they’ll keep forever. They know no lazy or dirty roommates will ruin something when they aren’t looking. 

You move into your first solo house or apartment, and you can build it into a cozy space that reflects your style. Picking and choosing pieces is a ton of fun, and you can buy things that will last forever. 

woman on her computer managing her expenses

7. You’ll Probably Save Money on Utilities

A major issue with roommates is that there’s a sense of shared responsibility over bills. Unfortunately, not everyone treats the thermostat or the lights equally. As a result, when you have a shared space, you may end up paying for more than your fair share of the utilities. 

When it’s only your name on the lease or mortgage, it’s all on you. You only pay for what you use. If you want to save money, you can keep the lights off and wait until you feel like it’s time to turn on the air conditioning or heat. 

Often, people who live alone spend less, on average, on utilities because they know there’s no one else to split the bill with. Saving money on your energy costs is another benefit of living alone. 

woman singing her heart out while cooking

8. You Can Turn the Music Up

Yes, living alone offers the chance to let loose and decide what you want to do from day to day. If that means turning up the music in the morning as you get ready for work, so be it. You can watch a movie late at night or talk with friends on the phone whenever you want. 

You make the rules on how much noise you make and when it’s time for quiet. There aren’t any feelings to hurt, and you can do things on your terms. 

happy woman enjoying living alone

9. Endless Choices!

Ok, so your choices aren’t exactly endless. However, you still have to pick a place that fits your budget or keeps you close enough to work. 

These days, though, more places are letting employees work from anywhere, so they can choose where they want to live! Living alone gives you the freedom to build a life that fits your needs, whether living in the mountains of Idaho or being close to a beach. You decide where you want to be and how to manage your space. 

Making the leap to live alone can be daunting, especially if you’ve always lived with other people. However, once you do, you’ll be free to make decisions your way. Everything is on you, which is usually fantastic for developing independence and becoming financially savvy. 

So, get out there and see what you can find in your price range. Try living alone and see how you like it. Some people move back in with roommates because they enjoy being around others more. For those who crave more alone time and freedom, however, living alone is your best bet.

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