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11 Things You Should Put in Storage When Selling Your House

If you’re selling a house, odds are you’re going to go through some form of purging to get ready for the sale. Selling is the ultimate deadline. There are no more closets in which to hide all of the things you can’t decide whether to keep or finally donate to charity. You have to sort […]

San Jose Things To Do

11 Things To Do Alone in San Jose

Traveling alone can be a great experience. Whether you’re traveling by yourself on a business trip or going to a new city to consider relocating there for work, a quick visit and some time spent getting to know the area is the best way to create memorable experiences and get a feel for the place. […]

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How To Start a Home Staging Business in CA

A staging business is something many people don’t know exists until they need one! When you sell a home, the furniture, the plants, even the art, will influence its final sale price. The right staging in a competitive real estate market can potentially mean thousands of dollars in higher sales prices. With that much money […]