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Living Large in a Small Space: San Jose Micro Apartments

One of the latest apartment buildings approved in San Jose is getting a lot of attention for its focus on micro apartments. The building, will be a 226-unit development located near Diridon Station and what will be Google’s Transit Village. When we say micro, the units are indeed small. The city is betting that people […]

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7 Top Tips to Pass Your Move-Out Inspection

You paid all of that money to secure your apartment; how do you make sure you get it all back when it’s time to move out? Renters have to deal with move-out inspections to get their deposit money back. Landlords and apartment management companies are notoriously strict. Even regular wear and tear is something they […]

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Micro Apartments are on the Rise! And Self Storages are right behind!

Major cities across the nation have begun noticing the rising popularity of micro-apartments.