How Do You Store Crafting Supplies in a Small Space?

The amount of crafting supplies you have tends to grow the longer you craft. It’s a fun hobby, and some new tool or crafting supply always calls your name when you visit the store. The world of crafting is endless, and new projects often require materials you don’t yet have. 

However, storing your crafting supplies is essential for people who want to save money and stay organized. If you’re not careful, your crafting supplies can take over a room or an entire basement. Therefore, having a system and the proper storage setup is vital to your sanity and helps you get the most out of every crafting minute. 

crafting supplies neatly stored on a desk

How do you store crafting supplies in a small space? For example, if you’re in an apartment or smaller house, you likely don’t have a whole room you can dedicate to your hobby. So instead, you have to come up with creative ways to keep your crafting supplies out of piles and into clean glassware and bins that are easy to access. 

Here are some fantastic storage ideas for every crafting hobbyist. 

Shop for Specific Crafting Storage Sets

Your local hobby or crafting store will have some excellent storage sets you can buy. These come in various configurations designed to meet you at whatever crafting level you’re at. Each group will arrive with see-through bins and containers to hold pipe cleaners, sparkles, paints, brushes, border paper, and other crafting essentials. 

Crafting suppliers build the storage sets to fit onto desks, shelves, or inside drawers. Besides bins, you can also buy drawer and shelving inserts that make any storage space more organized. 

Look at what’s available in the store you frequent or online, and buy a primary storage set when you start to craft. 

clear box containers at home

Try Transparent Storage Tubs

In small spaces, crafting storage usually must be versatile. Many passionate crafters don’t have a separate craft room or area in their homes, especially in shared apartments or with their families. Instead, they must make do by storing their crafting supplies in closets, under beds, and in pantries. 

If this sounds like you, transparent plastic storage tubs will be your best friend. These are perfect for storing crafting supplies under the bed, on closet shelves, or in the garage next to kids’ toys and bikes. 

The tubs are easy to move and label, so you’ll spend less time sorting through your supplies when you need to find a specific item. They’re also air-tight, so you don’t have to worry about mold or humidity getting to them. 

Find Storage with Cubbies

Craft supplies are mostly small. You’ll have tons of tiny jars or boxes with the things you love to use when making photo albums or your next cross-stitch project. However, organizing all of those supplies on regular shelves or inside drawers can be a massive challenge. 

As a result, the more cubbies you can find for your storage, the better. Thankfully, cubbies are relatively easy to find. You can find affordable cubby furniture at large stores, like Ikea, that is simple to set up for crafting supply storage. However, the main issue you’ll have with those is whether you have the room in a small space. To save floor space, you can try placing them in closets or buying smaller cubby sets to use in the garage or on the top shelf of your cupboards. 

pegboard with sewing tools and supplies

Pegboards Are Terrific for Crafting Storage

There’s a good reason why so many expert crafters still use basic pegboards for storage. Pegboards are easy to configure, so you can create the optimal storage arrangement based on whatever project you’re working on. 

For example, you can store thread spools beside your scissors or rulers. The stickers or cutouts can go next to the glue, so you’re never reaching far or grasping for the next thing you need. 

Pegboards are easy to hang on the wall or inside a closet. You can move them around as necessary and change up your storage as your collection grows. 

Use Hanging Storage Racks

People with years of experience storing crafting supplies in a small space will tell you to take advantage of vertical space as much as possible. Homes and apartments are full of empty wall space that can fit a rack or hooks for everything from yarn to colored pencils. In addition, you should always be able to find some shelves that you can install inside closets or the guest bedroom to help keep crafting supplies on rather than the floor or desk. 

basket full of ball yarns for knitting

Take Things Out of the Box 

Staying organized in small spaces means optimizing every drawer or cabinet. When you buy new crafting supplies online, they typically come inside boxes with packing fillers like paper or styrofoam peanuts to protect the products. However, you don’t need that bubble wrap when you’ve got the supplies at home. 

You can eliminate wasted space by removing your supplies from the box and moving them into a cubby, mason jar, or basket. 

If the items are small, like clips, tacks, or pins, you should buy some drawer dividers to prevent them from getting mixed together or moving around every time you open the drawer. 

Organize with Accordion Folders

Accordion folders work wonderfully for crafting items like patches, stickers, labels, and other flatter supplies. Using a folder or filing box, you can keep everything well organized using tags and as many separators as you need. 

If you live in a small space, you can store the box or folder in a closet or under the bed and take it out whenever it’s crafting time. 

cute small canvas and a small cart with arts suppplies

Build a Crafting Cart

Having a crafting cart on wheels is a fantastic idea for people who live or craft in small spaces. For example, let’s say you usually craft at the dining room table or in the kids’ playroom. It doesn’t make much sense to keep your crafting supplies where it’s hard to organize or avoid having things pushed around by other people. 

Instead, you can build a makeshift cart on wheels to hold all your supplies for when it’s time to craft. Wheel it out of the kitchen pantry or from up against the wall, and set it beside you wherever you sit to work on your project. 

You can repurpose a mobile kitchen island or make a wheeled cart from scratch. 

Find Stackable Storage Containers

No matter what you use for storage, ensure all your containers are stackable. This, of course, saves a ton of space in a cabinet or your garage. Stackable makes everything easier, whether you’re recycling paint cans or salsa jars. You can pile things on top of each other and label the containers for fast access. One thing to avoid, however, is stacking heavy or large storage containers on each other because moving them around is a pain. You’ll feel demotivated any time you need a supply that’s at the bottom of the heap. 

storage units

Rent a Storage Unit

If space is extremely limited, you may want to rent a storage unit to house your crafting supplies. Local storage units are affordable and convenient. You’ll likely find a facility within a few minutes’ drive from your home or apartment where you can store your tubs or jars of crafting supplies. Pop over to grab what you need on the weekend, and return everything once you’re done. 


Every crafter will tell you to do something a bit different when it comes to storage. However, that’s because they may be into different projects or work in a space that’s not quite the same as yours. Take their good ideas and adapt them to your home and situation. Eventually, you’ll find the best storage solutions that make crafting fun, keep you organized, and save you money. 

Effective storage makes getting what you need easier. That means more time for crafting and fun by yourself or with family and friends in a manageable space that’s clean and organized. 

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