Real Estate Selling Your House

9 Best Ways to Store Items While Selling Your House

Experienced real estate agents will tell you that what’s inside of a house when you sell it will have a big influence on the final sales number. When people walk into a home on a tour or they look at pictures posted online, they want to envision living there. Buying a house is about improving […]

Dorm Life Specialty Storage

How Much Storage Do College Students Need?

College is an exciting time for families across the country. Students, of course, are excited to get out on their own. For most college students, it’s their first time living outside of the house for a long period. For parents, college is often the fruition of years of hard work. There are thousands of colleges […]

San Jose Things To Do

11 Things to Do in San Jose if You’re Under 21

It’s been a tough year, but it seems like the clouds are finally parting and things can start getting back to normal. People have gone without seeing their friends and families as much as they’d like to, and a lot of the places we used to love going to had to close down at least […]

Real Estate San Jose Selling Your House

15 of the Best Home Stagers in San Jose, CA

Make a great first impression on prospective home buyers by making your house more attractive and welcoming with home staging. Home staging is a cost-effective marketing tactic to sell your home as quickly as possible and optimize sales.  By arranging a home’s layout and decorating it, it will help elevate your space to make it […]

Life At Home

11 Best Ways to Simplify Your Summer

This summer could count more than any other in recent memory. Much of the country has spent the last year cooped up in quarantine. We’ve all taken one for the team by limiting our social interactions, wearing masks, and keeping our kids out of school. When the cold weather came through during the winter, it […]

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11 of the Best Festivals in Northern California

It’s been a tough year for most people around the world, and nowhere has felt the impact of the pandemic more than California. We’ve all had to show a great deal of sacrifice for the last several months, limiting our social activities for the greater good. However, there ultimately will come a time when some […]

San Jose Things To Do

San Jose Nightlife: 11 Fun Things to Do After Dark

San Jose is known for its impressive economy and tech sector jobs. For years, the area has been tied to some of the greatest innovations and forward-leaning companies in the world. Organizations from all over the world come here to find the right talent and network with the right people to impact and change the […]

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How to Store Bedding in a Storage Unit: 9 Tips

Simply shoving things into a storage unit is not the way to go. Unfortunately, it’s what happens when you’re overwhelmed by the chaos of a move triggered by a job change or the sale of a house. You’ve got a million different things going on, and all you know is that your stuff has got […]

Home Storage & Organization Life At Home

9 Surprising Ideas for Where to Store Things in Your House

Over the past year, all of our lives have experienced a massive shift in the way we do things and where we do them. Before, it was much easier to separate our professional lives from what was personal. Even with the most demanding job, there was some level of separation between what happened in the […]

Specialty Storage

11 Stationary Bike Tips: Storage & Maintenance Demystified

For the past year, gyms in many areas of the country have been closed. Even the ones permitted to open have had to do so under certain restrictions. That has meant people all over have had to come up with innovative ways to get in a sweat and stay fit. For many people worried about […]