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The Best Way to Store Sneakers

These days, sneakers are big business. You can easily spend thousands and tens of thousands of dollars on limited-edition sneakers or designer shoes from sports brands like Nike and Adidas that collaborate with famous artists. People have been collecting shoes for decades made famous by athletes and certain events, but now things are on a whole new level.

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People line up for days to get their hands on limited edition shoes. There is a thriving market where people buy, sell, and trade their way to the top of the sneaker world. Some people who get ahold of prized shoes wear them a couple of times to let everyone know and then put them away for good. Others never even put them on. They keep them in mint condition as collector’s items.

Now, not everyone takes care of their shoes because they’re banking on them to make them millions of dollars down the road. Most people who take meticulous care of their shoes just want them to look nice for longer. They love the way a fresh pair of sneakers looks whether you’re hanging with friends on the weekend or putting on a suit for a night out. Modern sneakers are versatile enough to fit a range of outfits and styles.

We’ve put together a list of 9 things that you can do to keep your sneakers in top condition for longer. Here’s what you should do. This list is mostly geared toward diehard sneaker fans who collect, but the casual sneaker lover can glean some good tips here as well.

1. Consider Humidity

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Depending on where you live, you may need to think about humidity in your closet or wherever else you’re keeping your shoes. Humid climates can cause shoes to yellow and get air bubbles. It can also fog up emblems or distort any unique markings or artwork on the shoes.

Even if you’re keeping your shoes in bags or some other tight container, humidity has a way of getting in. Either keep your shoes in a climate-controlled part of the house, storage unit, etc., or make sure you have a dehumidifier in the room they are in.

2. Put Them in Sealed Bags

Sealed bags are a great place to start when starting your shoe collection. Bags keep dust out and are decent protection against humidity. You may have a hard time finding sealed bags big enough for your shoes. Some collectors made due by putting one shoe in each back and then putting them back in the box or a hard container.

3. Buy Some Hard Containers

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People want shoes in the original box, so keeping the box in good condition is also a priority. For higher-end shoes or pairs that you prize the most, you can put them in hard plastic containers that you buy at your local home goods store or online. The nice thing about these is that they usually stack very easily and last forever. They can add a good amount of money onto your collection cost, though, so make sure you wait and find a deal when one comes around.

4. Keep Them Out of the Sun

Just like humidity and dust, direct sunlight or even bright lights can cause a lot of damage to your shoes. Light can make colors fade or turn the shoes yellow over time. Keep them away from open windows and, if possible, keep them in a dark room or closet. Only turn on the lights when you have to, and your shoes will retain their colors much better.

5. Don’t Forget Security

Security is a huge issue. There are a lot of young people out there who keep shoe collections worth thousands of dollars in a garage or shed somewhere. Garages are nice because they’re dark and cool, but they aren’t the safest part of your house. That’s why the door going from your garage into your house usually has a lock on it.

People can break into your garage or find a way to hack your opener so they can control the garage door from the outside. It’s something to keep in mind, certainly. Also, you should think about security no matter where you’re keeping your shoes.

6. Take the Shoe Paper Out

shoe paper still inside the shoe box

Too many people make this mistake. They leave that grey or white paper your shoes come wrapped in with the shoes. Over years, however, the paper leaks its slight acidity out onto the shoes. It can also increase the odds of cracking.

Yes, the paper is there to take out oxygen and slow any yellowing, but keeping the paper inside also has risks. Anytime you are storing shoes for more than a few years, you should remove the paper. In addition, you should take the shoes out every three months or so to let them get some fresh air.

7. Rent a Storage Unit

The sneaker habit easily gets out of control. Most collectors remember the first pair of shoes they bought to keep as a collector’s item. Eventually, though, collections grow and grow and, the next thing you know, it’s taken over your room, garage, or wherever else you’re keeping them. If you have enough shoes and you’re serious about collecting them, then you should check out self-storage units.

They’re an affordable, convenient option for many people. These days, you can find climate-controlled storage units with good security to keep your shoes safe. Most of the time, you’ll be able to find a unit close enough to your house that you can get there in a few minutes.

8. Custom Closets

If you’re a collector or just a lover of sneakers, sometimes you want to show them off. Having them in boxes stacked in the corner of your bedroom works for some people, but if you have the budget, you can build custom sneaker shelves to fit in your closet. Shelves or cubbies make them easier to catalog and look at every day. After all, what’s the point of collecting shoes if you can’t enjoy them?

9. Clean Your Shoes Before You Store Them Again

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If you’re a collector who wears their sneakers, you will want to make sure that you clean them every time before you put them back into the box or back in storage. If you store them dirty, the dirt and soil will increase humidity and speed up the wear and tear on your shoes. Those dark streaks and smudges become much more permanent the longer they’re allowed to stay on, so get out that washcloth and toothbrush and get to work even if you don’t feel like it.

You’ll be thanking yourself that you put in the effort when you take them out to wear them again. Cleaning your shoes keeps them as close to day-one condition as possible. You can wear them in pristine condition longer and you can command a higher price for them if you ever decide to sell them.

Collecting sneakers has exploded in popularity in recent years. What was once a very niche hobby has become way more mainstream. Now more than ever, the sneakers you have and the ones you choose to wear make a statement. They increase in value over time if you keep them in great shape, and people are passionate about what the rarest and coolest shoes are. Storing them correctly is one of the best ways to get more value and enjoyment out of your collection, so follow these steps and you’ll avoid as much aging as possible.

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